Unconscious Ink Returns!

Recently I’ve had conversations with a few other artists about artistic growth and figuring out your voice amongst the thousands of artists out there in the world. What was interesting to me is that I would keep coming back to my first projects as a refection of where I came. In having these discussions it dawned on me that maybe it would be a good idea to post these online again to give people a reference point of my growth to show people how much I’ve changed artistically, what things I tried and the subtle development of my own voice as a result of this project. So, I spent this last weekend putting filtering through my horribly organized photoshop files and compiled this new series on the site called “Unconscious Ink Inklings” or just “Inklings” on the menubar. 

L.A.W.L.S. Universe's New Home

It's 2014 and I must say I'm excited about the things to come. I've had my hands in so many projects in the last year that it will be nice to finally announce them and begin to let them unfold. To make sure that I'm able to make time for everything though, I had to make a major choice about one of the most important things to me, the future of my comics. That choice had to do with one simple yet complex problem; where I should host them? I had opened this point of discussion on my blog about "The Women of Interest," and on the Corvink Facebook to get input from my readers and to my surprise, people were very supportive of moving the comics here. The decision came down to time management and work consolidation. Basically, my ability to be able to manage 4 domains, each with their own Wordpress install, while being able to provide quality posts, without compromising my sanity or health, became too much to manage in the past. Thus, the all three of my comics (and any future comics) will all be posted here at Corvink!

Destined Legends: The Fulfillment

With San Diego Comic Con over, the hope was that we could breath for even a day, but that was not the case. The games were in our hands and it was time to get it out to 303 backers and over 200 pre-orders (both online and from Anime Expo). As we were getting ready to ship these out it had been called to our attention an error had slipped past our tired eyes and made it into the final production of one of the creatures cards, the Manticore.

Destined Legends: The Art & Design

We went with the tribal design because it fits well with the lore we've been developing. This mark would be something you would see inscribed on a building, painted on a rock, or embroidered on a flag to indicate that a traveler is about to enter a place blessed by the spirits of the dragons. I can't go too much into this at this time, but there is a particular location that Ali and I had in mind on our world map that has a strong connection to the spirit realm, where the dragons reside.